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Advocate for Important Data Programs

Congress and the Administration have reached a budget deal for FY2016 (and FY2017) that will increase the overall spending limit for non-defense discretionary programs by $25 billion for the fiscal year that started October 1st. The House and Senate Appropriations Committees must now revise the 12 annual funding bills, and Congress must enact them, before […]

November 5, 2015
Census Project Briefing on 2020 Census Operational Plan

Census Bureau Director John Thompson will brief Census Project stakeholders on the 2020 Census Preliminary Operational Plan, via a toll-free call on Wednesday, October 21, from 1-2 p.m. Eastern Time. Please RSVP to as soon as possible if you would like to participate. The Census Project will send call-in information to those who have registered. This is an important opportunity to hear firsthand about significant new operations […]

October 15, 2015
BLS Letter of Support

Friends of Labor Statistics asks that Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) users directly contact your Senators and Representatives to help prevent BLS from having to cut its statistical programs. The link below provides a template for organizations and individuals to use and revise to specific concerns and circumstances. BLS Appropriations Template  

August 20, 2015