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John Abowd of the Census Bureau Calls for Response to Federal Register Notice

It is imperative that sophisticated data users respond to this FRN. As John Abowd's blog makes clear, we can control the fitness-for-use of the 2020 Census data products, but the Census Bureau cannot give every use case the same margin-of-error (just as we currently cannot give every statistic from the ACS the same MOE).

September 11, 2018
Public Data Leaders Gather to Look Ahead:  Closing Thoughts on our 2018 APDU Conference

This year, in mid-July, public data collectors and users across the country gathered in Arlington, Virginia to discuss the future of public data and its promise to inform public and private sector decisions. APDU Vice President and Conference Chair Kevin McAvey gives his thoughts in this blog post.

August 15, 2018
Important Changes at the Economic Research Service

The Secretary of Agriculture announced on Thursday, August 9 that the Economic Research Service will undergo several significant changes in the coming year.

August 13, 2018