About APDU

About APDU

The Association of Public Data Users (APDU) is a national network that links users, producers, and disseminators of government statistical data. APDU members share a vital concern about the collection, dissemination, preservation, and interpretation of public data.


As an association, APDU is committed to helping data users identify public data that meet their needs, utilizing data in cost-effective and appropriate ways, establishing effective two-way communication between data producers and users, and bringing the perspectives and concerns of public data users to bear on important issues of government information and statistical policy. APDU provides a venue to share news, raise concerns, and advocate on behalf of the interests of public data users.



APDU features members from across the federal statistical system. The types of members can be divided into five categories: universities and university research centers (25.4% of members), nonprofit associations, research organizations and foundations (23.5%),  private companies (19.6%), federal statistical and research agencies (17.6%), and and state and local governments (15.6%).


Created as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in 1975, APDU began as a collaboration of university librarians using Census Bureau data who were having trouble with the cumbersome technology required to access, clean, and analyze data. Over time, APDU included other federal statistical agencies including the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Bureau of Economic Analysis. APDU published its first newsletter in April 1976 and held its first annual conference in August 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia.


  • APDU Weekly, a newsletter including news, trends, events, publications, and opportunities.
  • Public Data University, comprehensive training on public/open datasets, along with special topics.
  • Annual Conference, our premier networking and education event for public data users.
  • Member Area on APDU.org, with archived training, resources, tools, and publications.
  • Member Network and committees, connecting members to federal agencies, academic institutions, state and local agencies, businesses, consultants, entrepreneurs, and students.


  • APDU Annual Conference:
    • Key networking event for users and producers of federal statistical data with nearly 200 federal, state, nonprofit, and private sector professionals.
    • Featured presenters include leaders from the Office of Management and Budget, Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, National Governors Association, Pew Charitable Trusts, MIT, Johns Hopkins, Fivethirtyeight.com, New York Times, and many more.
      o Attendees include eight major statistical agencies, Workforce Data Quality Campaign, Experian, Laura and John Arnold Foundation, and more.
  • Public Data University: 45 special topic webinars with attendance surpassing 1200 people
  • Increased visibility of the Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor Statistics on Capitol Hill in partnership with the Census Project and Friends of BLS.

In support of its Board of Directors, APDU is managed by the Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness (CREC).

Association of Public Data Users
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