APDU Advocacy page

APDU’s advocacy efforts cover a broad range of data issues and enable its members, from the casual user to the power user, to provide input to decision makers on important public data issues. APDU’s advocacy efforts include:

Conducting Public Data Advocacy Efforts
Representatives from APDU regularly meet with members, partners, and policymakers and staff to discuss issues that affect public data. You can be a powerful advocate on statistical issues in Congress. See Communicating with Congress: How to Deliver the Message for more information.

Representing APDU on Formal Committees and Consortia
APDU members’ interests are represented on a variety of formal committees, including, The Census Project, Friends of NCHS, the Workforce Data Quality Campaign, the Decennial Census Advisory Committee, and COPAFS.

Providing Opportunities for Public Comment on Data Collections
APDU maintains a list of current opportunities for public comment on federal data collections listed in the Federal Register.  The comment process is one effective way that APDU members can make their views known about the value, content, and methods used to collect federal data. Learn more about the public comment process.

Data Innovation Day 2014, January 23, 2014
APDU is a partner along with, AMD, Google, Sunlight Foundation, and others for this one-day virtual conference raising awareness about the benefits and opportunities that come from increased use of information by individuals and the public and private sector.