Member Committees

As a membership association, APDU is interested in engaging individual members through committees. These committees give members a chance to have a voice in their membership network, while helping carry out APDU’s mission to serve the many needs of data users. Committees currently have no formal structure, aside from 10-12 members and a chair/advisor, but function more as an informal group of advisors around a certain issue or issues.

Advocacy Committee
Monitors news and legislative developments that relate to issues important to APDU members and the data user community. Particularly concerned with action at the federal level, but also tracks issues at the state and local level related to public data and open data matters. Serves as informal advisors, but does not take specific policy positions.

Emerging Issues Committee
Works to identify critical issues in the changing public data environment and identifies new topics of concern and areas of focus for professional development, partnership, and resources. Serves as a sounding board for discussing new data and research, issues in the media, and opportunities to expand APDU’s reach and influence.

Membership Committee
Serves as a resource and sounding board for members recruitment strategy and current member benefits. Identifies prospective members and member types. Helps facilitate discussion among members and strengthens the networking and sense of community through APDU membership.

If you are interested in learning more about the committees, email